Annual Special Offerings

First Presbyterian takes part in making God's love present to people around the world.  There are four opportunities each year for gifts to the General Assembly's missions.
The Peacemaking Offering

This offering is received on World Communion Sunday, the first Sunday in October.  We are called to be God's peacemakers as agents of reconciliation in families, individual lives, communities, churches, and internationally. Through this offering we witness of God's gift of peace in the world.
    25% of this offering is retained for local missions determined by our Mission Committee.
    25% is used to support presbytery and synod efforts.
    50% is used to support the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program of the General Assembly Council.
The Christmas Joy Offering

This offering is received the Sunday before Christmas.  The birth of Jesus Christ is an opportunity to give generously to a Christmas season offering.

50% is distributed to the Board of Pensions for assistance programs that provide support to retired and active church workers and their spouses and families.

50% supports the 8 Presbyterian-rlated racial-ethnic schools and colleges through the National Ministries Division of the General Assembly Council
The Pentecost Offering

This offering is received on Pentecost Sunday.  This offering represents a call to mission with children at risk and a celebration of ministry with youth and young adults.

20% of the offering is retained for local missions determined by our Mission Committee.

10% is used to support presbyteries and synods.

70% supports the General Assembly's program with thirty percent going to children at risk and fourty percent going to youth and young adults.
One Great Hour
of Sharing Offering

This offering is received on Easter morning.  This offering is an opportunity to respond to Christ's love for all people by joyfully sharing that love with people in need.

36% is used to support the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance for disaster responseand ministries with refugees and ministries addressing homelessness and affordable housing.

32% is used to support Presbyterian Hunger Program for ministries working to alleviate hunger and eliminate its causes, responding with compassion and justice to poor and hungry people in local communities, in the nation, and throughout the world

32% is used to support Self-Development of People for partnerships with groups of people who are oppressed by poverty or social systems, who want to take charge of their own lives, who have organized to do something about their own condition, and who have decided what they need to do for themselves.

Score a Touchdown Against Hunger!

    Our church joins 1,000's of congregations across America by Participating in the "Souper Bowl of Caring" offering annually on Superbowl Sunday.  Soup pots are stationed at the back of the Sanctuary.  We invite people to place a dollar in the soup pot as they leave the worship service or bring a can of soup to give.  All donations remain in the Jackson community to fight local hunger.
    Millions of people will eat and drink while watching the biggest football game of the year, while there are those who are without even a bowl of soup.
    You may visit for more information.
The Presbyterian Women also have three annual mission offerings.  Read more about these offerings on their page.  Click here.

To those who are new to this congregation, the 2-cents-a-meal project and how it got started, is in order.

Looking back through the Mission Committee minutes, I found that the 2-cents-a-meal started the first Sunday of October, 1991.  It has been going ever since.  The tenth anniversary would have been October 7, 2001.  In the review of the 1991 mission activities, the late Polly Gailus, the then secretary of the Mission Committee, reported that $120.95 was received the very first month, which is astounding.

The Mission Committee collected baby food jars, made a slot in the lids, and placed labels obtained from Beverly Armstrong, the Hunger Action Enabler (as she was called at that time) of the Giddings-Lovejoy Presbytery on each baby food jar.  The labels read "Dear Do, may this 2-cents-a-meal be a blessing to babies in need."  The children really got involved and helped make this mission project the success that it has become.

You may ask how this money is being used?  Excerpts from letters received from Betsy Ryland, Chairperson of Presbyterian Hunger Committee, answers that question. "Locally, we continue to provide funds to food pantries, which can purchase formula for their clients.  The relief order program with Schnucks serves needy infants by use of vouchers for formula.  Grants have also been made to the Bootheel Food Banks in Sikeston and the Steelville MO Food Pantry for feeding infants and children.  A highlight of the program has been for the Hunger Committee to disperse funds several times to the Hospital Sainte Croix in Haiti which cares for some very sick children.  Members of our presbytery, Nora and Tom Clayton, have been missionaries serving Hospital Sainte Croix for sever years."

The baby food jar banks can be on the table at the back of the sanctuary for anyone who may wish to take part in this very worth while mission project
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